Digital Crown Restorations
  • Digital Crown Restorations

ALPHABYTE™  is a patented (U.S. Patent No. 11,992,380) digital solution that provides real-time crown sizing / selection information and tooth preparation guidance to ensure a fast, predictable treatment process. For the first time ever, zirconia alternatives can now be accomplished as quickly and easily as traditional stainless steel crowns. 

No more metal teeth!

Introducing ALPHABYTE™ —our revolutionary digital solution for pediatric prefabricated crowns. 


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How It Works


In under ten seconds, enough scan data can be acquired and automatically opened in ALPHABYTE™ for immediate intraoperative use


ALPHABYTE™ uses AI to automatically select, size, and position a crown from the digital library which corresponds with your own local inventory of Kinder Krowns® preformed zirconia crowns


After optimizing crown size and position, tooth preparation can be completed quickly and conservatively using the ALPHABYTE™ visual reduction guidance tool


After adequate tooth reduction, the preselected Kinder Krowns® zirconia crown will fit passively and accurately

21st Century Pediatric Dentistry


To increase the safety, reduce the cost, and enhance the results of the pediatric dental restorative process for both patients and providers. And no more metal crowns!

Elevate Your Care
Pre-formed zirconia crowns are widely available and demonstrate better biocompatibility, wear resistance, and esthetics....but still remain generally underutilized. ALPHABYTE™ helps to deliver these better solutions to a wider patient population.

Elevate Your Practice
Pre-formed zirconia crowns can be comparatively difficult to size and seat. ALPHABYTE™  improves intraoperative efficiency and procedural success by allowing faster, more conservative treatment in a highly marketable, technologically appealing manner.

Automated Treatment Guidance
Fast Affordable Scanning
Durable Desirable Smiles

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Clinical Use

ALPHABYTE™ Version 2.0

Anterior Six-Case Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it difficult to scan children?

The Heron IOS device by 3DISC is a very small, lightweight, fast scanning device, and considering that Alphabyte™ only requires small-area scans (i.e. 3-4 teeth in a row) without concern for perfect retraction and/or moisture control, the initial scanning is quick and easy for patients and providers.

How long does it take to scan?

The initial scan can usually be completed in under 10 seconds and immediately loaded into Alphabyte™ for treatment analysis Each subsequent preparation check scan can be completed in about 3 seconds.

Is the software difficult to use?

The Alphabyte™ software is very easy to use. In just a few seconds, 90% of the setup is completed for you automatically by AI. The provider simply optimizes the crown size and position, then validates the tooth reduction parameters. All tooth preparation refinement scan data loads automatically and immediately.

Can I use the scanner for other treatments?

Yes, the Heron IOS is a general purpose intraoral scanner. In addition to it's functionality with Alphabyte, it can be used it to scan for regular crowns/bridges, partials, aligners, mouthguards, etc. just as you would with any other scanner.

Does Alphabyte® do more than single crowns?

Yes! Alphabyte™ version 2.0 was officially release in July 2023 and includes Multi-Crown capability. While you can still use Alphabyte™ just as always for single tooth treatments, you can also now complete back-to-back molars, anterior six, quadrant, sextant, and even full arch prefabricated zirconia crown cases with all the efficiency, efficacy, and confidence you would have with stainless steel.

Alphabyte-Integrated 3Disc OVO IOS System

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Our Founders

Dr. Drew Johnson

Dr. Andrew C. Johnson completed his dental, laboratory technician and prosthodontic training at the UTHSC in Memphis, TN. Along with his board-certification in prosthodontics, Dr. Johnson earned a post-doctoral master’s degree in dental science researching CAD/CAM restorative techniques and emerging digital dental materials.

Dr. Chad Davis

Dr. Charles A. Davis, Jr received his dental degree from the UTHSC in Memphis, TN and subsequently his specialty training in pediatric dentistry at VCU in Richmond, VA. Dr. Davis completed a post-doctoral master’s degree through researching mechanical properties and clinical performance of early preformed zirconia crowns. 


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